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Geoff Scott can be found surfing the white-water airwaves in Hell’s Canyon on Z-ROCK 96.5 FM.

Edge of The Palouse

Edge of The Palouse

“Its a very professional team and it feels good to be YOUNG GUN again with a team that takes their Rock n Roll seriously” Geoff says; “Enjoying the endless summer-fun with the close-knit kinship this 60,000+ community has to offer. And, in the rain-shadow of the Olympic/Cascades, it’s a bonus: I get 320 VFR (flyable) days a year over the deepest canyon in North America!”

Although he misses all his dear friends in Spokane and the reflects fondly on his 20 years on the dial with KHTQ & KEZE (ROCK106) working for a smaller company where he knows his management and feels looked apon as a member of the family. “there is no corporate hierarchy here, you just come in, have fun, do your job, and try not mess up the studio… because you (I) would have to clean it up. We don’t even have a janitor.”

It’s just another day in RADIO PARADISE as you can find him updating his facebook ( status most days to that effect. Or online at when he’s not writing about local aviation events & the heroes who flew B-17’s at . Sounds like the Supreme-Allied Commander of the

Home sweet NEW home of Rock N Roll

Home sweet NEW home of Rock N Roll

R&R Air Force has found sunnier skies to ROCK ON. ~ (cs)


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