Geoff Scott can be found surfing the white-water airwaves in Hell’s Canyon on Z-ROCK 96.5 FM.

Edge of The Palouse

Edge of The Palouse

“Its a very professional team and it feels good to be YOUNG GUN again with a team that takes their Rock n Roll seriously” Geoff says; “Enjoying the endless summer-fun with the close-knit kinship this 60,000+ community has to offer. And, in the rain-shadow of the Olympic/Cascades, it’s a bonus: I get 320 VFR (flyable) days a year over the deepest canyon in North America!”

Although he misses all his dear friends in Spokane and the reflects fondly on his 20 years on the dial with KHTQ & KEZE (ROCK106) working for a smaller company where he knows his management and feels looked apon as a member of the family. “there is no corporate hierarchy here, you just come in, have fun, do your job, and try not mess up the studio… because you (I) would have to clean it up. We don’t even have a janitor.”

It’s just another day in RADIO PARADISE as you can find him updating his facebook ( status most days to that effect. Or online at when he’s not writing about local aviation events & the heroes who flew B-17’s at . Sounds like the Supreme-Allied Commander of the

Home sweet NEW home of Rock N Roll

Home sweet NEW home of Rock N Roll

R&R Air Force has found sunnier skies to ROCK ON. ~ (cs)


The new address is and thank you all for your many wonderful years listening on ROCK106/KEZE and ROCK 94&1/2 KHTQ. Enjoyed “pumping the wattage into YOUR cottage” for many many years…. Some of us maintain our dignity.

We invite you share in your experience:

Spokaaaaane if ya gottem!

Greetings to all the Spokla-homies, Radio-phonies, and World-Wide Web roamies!!! Yes, I am alive & kicking. Life is good; and there has been a TON of listener support and E-mail from y’all wishing me the best and to just jeep on truckin’. It means alot to me, for what a wondrous twenty years (20) rockin’ this town around the FM dial, and I owe it all to YOU. And let’s not forget the other ten spent Jamming Boston/Providence/Worcester & Sully’s hometown of Lowell-Lawrence. Sympathy is not requested, for there are no bitter tears, just a great chance to get out and start another loud adventure!

currently making room for all 32 giant foam fingers

currently making room for all 32 giant foam fingers

I’ve spoken to A LOT of very interesting prospects already so who knows where, but it’ll be someplace that is cool, likes to ROCK, has fun doing it, and loves to “take that checkered flag” together. The ‘Rock N Roll Air Force’ is simply grounded for a bit of unfavorable conditions. Re-grouping and consolidating as we speak,  prepared for eventual mass-market domination once again… rest assured. The ‘key ingredients’ that have made my stays at 106, 105.7, 107.3, 790, 1060, 1080, 1400, & 94.5 most remarkable, it’s YOU that makes the show. So Cheers! Looking forward to the eventual ‘big return’ in one form or fashion…. who knows? Only the Shadow.

Lest me conclude this official “farewell”, with a fresh beginning – and this is where I’ll keep you updated on we in the Northwest from time to time. To commemorate where we’ve been (and perhaps a clue to where we’ll be going), I have saved a little “snapshot” of our times together, FOR WHAT A GREAT RIDE IT’S BEEN.Old blog archives HERE


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